Public Services Commission PNG

Permanent officers employed in the National Public Service if aggrieved by their Departmental Heads decision surrounding discipline, selection and terms of conditions of employment have a right to apply for a review with the Public Services Commission, provided that all internal procedures within the Department have been exhausted. Aggrieved officers will be required by PSC to fill in an Application for Review Form that can be downloaded from this website, filled in and can either be lodged on-line or through EMS. There are a number of steps to follow when filling in an application for review form

(1) Download an Application for Review of Personnel Matter Form.

Click the link below to download a copy of our Application Review Form.

(2) Personal Particulars– it is important that you include your current address and telephone number. This is vitally important for those officers outside of Port Moresby who cannot be served in person to ensure that your contact details are correct.

(3) Employment Details– it is important that you provide accurate information to assist the Commission.

3.1- In your application include your permanency status in the public service. The Commission will only review applications lodged by permanent officers and not probationary officers or casual employees.

3.2- Verify your designation, level and substantive position held. For instance, an un-attached officer who is appointed to act on a position may lodge an appeal that may mislead the Commission when it should have been dealt with administratively.

3.3- The Commission needs to know which Department, Provincial Administration, Public Hospital or Statutory body the applicant is employed with in-order to establish whether PSC has jurisdiction to review the application. (i.e., PSC has no jurisdiction for uniformed officers of the PNGDF,Police Constabulary and other State Agencies like the Internal Revenue Commission, Customs amongst others.)

3.4 – Provide the correct contact details of your Department, Provincial Administration, Public Hospital or Statutory body so the Commission can easily communicate with your immediate employer.

(4) Statement of Facts- When writing your statement, ensure it is brief, precise and factual.

4.1- Indicate on the application form the date the decision was made. This will enable the Commission to establish whether your application meets the 60 days requirement, which is pursuant to Section 18(2)(b) of the PS(M) Act.

4.2- Indicate the correct nature of complaint. (i.e., discipline, selection or terms & condition).

4.3- Include the name and designation of the officer who made the decision. This is to assist the Commission to ascertain whether the decision was made by the departmental head.

(5) Documents required by PSC- The Commission will require certain documents from the aggrieved officers and its employer prior to carrying out its own investigation to reach its decision. (i.e., Disciplinary case- documents required by PSC include notice of suspension, notice of charge, reply to charge, notice of punishment and any other document relating to disciplinary matter like an internal investigation report (if any)).

(6) Submit application- Ensure that you sign the form and indicate the date you lodged the application.NOTE: It is a statutory and mandatory requirement that all applications for review be lodged with the Commission within 6